GFC Data Systems
Software and Support for Oklahoma Municipalities
Contact Info:
Phone: 405-570-2821
7408 NW 116th St
Oklahoma City OK 73162

Contact: Jack C. Brown

Developing, installing, and supporting software for Oklahoma municipalities since 1984
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Software applications include:1
Utility Billing
Budget Accounting
Front Counter Receipting
Work Orders
Cemetery Records
Fixed Assets.

Software is multi-user and network ready so access from multiple PCs is supported.
Applications require a Windows-based operating system using either a 32 or 64 bit version.

On-site application training is provided.

Software support is provided through the payment of annual support fees. Support fees also entitle
users to new program updates/enhancements and new payroll tax rates. Updates are done at least
once a year and provide many new capabilities. Your software will evolve from the day you get it and
will improve over the years. Even after you have the software 2 - 3 years you'll have all the features
as a user just purchasing it. We encourage users to provide suggestions on how the software can
be improved. End users know better than anyone what capabilities are needed.
If you would like information on an application please email us:  Send email now 

GFC Data Systems