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You may find these Windows Operating System "tips" helpful:

To open another application without closing an existing application, right-click on any unused area of the task bar (at bottom of screen) and select "Show the Desktop". Your application will minimize and you can launch another app. Now that you have two apps running you can click on each one's icon on the task bar and go back and forth. You can even have two sessions running of the same program. For example you might want to have the Utility Customer Accts screen open for Look Ups at the same time you have the Utility Posting program open.

You can alternatively select program commands by using the keyboard. Pressing the "Alt" key will display the command with a letter underlined (short-cut key). Pressing that letter on the keyboard will execute the command. For example there are several Look Up screens in Utility Billing and Budget. Pressing Alt-L will do the same thing as clicking on the "Look Up" command.

When a screen is on top of another screen, the bottom screen can be viewed without closing or minimizing the top screen . For example you click on a Look Up screen but you need to see the screen behind the Look Up screen. Just click and hold on the top of the Look Up screen and drag it out of the way. NOTE: Be sure and drag the screen back to its previous position before closing it.

The Tab key (and in some apps Enter) moves the cursor from one field to the next. Shift-Tab moves back to the previous field.

When in a field of text pressing the "End" key will send the cursor to the end of the text while "Home" will send it to the beginning of the text. Ctrl-Delete keys will delete all text to the right of the cursor.

When the focus is in a drop-down list user can choose the value needed in one of three ways:
1) Click on the drop-down triangle to view all choices and click on value desired.
2) Press down-arrow to scroll thru choices.
3) Press first letter of choice (ex: press "F" to choose "Final Bill" status on Utility Customer screen).

You can make the Utility Billing, Budget, Work Order, and Receipting screens larger by changing the display "resolution". Resolution is changed by right-clicking on any unused area of your desktop and clicking on "Display Settings". 1280x720 would make the screen larger although you may have other apps that won't display correctly at 1280x720).

You can make the Windows cursor easier to see by increasing the "Blink Rate" and "Width". The blink rate is changed by opening Control Panel-Keyboard. The cursor width is changed by opening Control Panel-Ease of Access and opening "Make the computer easier to see" (under "Optimize Visual Display").

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